I fell in love with "anime", japanese cartoons, when I was 9 or 10 and the Italian tv started broadcasting old glories like Grendizer (Goldrake), Captain Harlock, Mazinger (Mazinga Z), Galaxy Express 999 and thousands more. I couldn't really write them all. Then I started drawing comics using anime characters such as Lady Oscar from Versailles No Bara, Marin from Baldios, "Jenny The Tennis Player" a.k.a. Ace Wo Nerae's Hiromi and Butterfly (Reiko), Ian Koog and Bellamy from the long missed StarZinger, Kira Tesawa from Queen Millennia and more. Gundam, Go-Triniton, Kyashan, Daikengo, Uruseiyatsura, really anything that came up the screen dipped in my brain and went on paper. Then I started developing my own (japanese) style and at the age of 17 my dream was to become a cartoonist. So I started studying Japanese at the University of Bologna and so I did for 2 years. Chances were I started corresponding with japanese girls and boys and went on for another 2 years practicing the language at the same time. And I went on drawing too. But then I had to abandon my dreams to help my family and started working as secretary (urk!). I didn't have time to draw anymore and my passion slowly faded. Then an Italian Publisher contacted me because they were opening their Manga Department and here I am translating manga into italian since 1992.