M.A.D. G.A.L.L.E.R.Y.

Welcome to my Gallery. These are some of the illustrations I drew for covers or presentations for my comics. You may view them full-lenght by clicking any image. Write me what you think!

Seizei Hikari

Hikari (Seizei is the 2nd name) is my very very favorite and dearest character. She is like my daughter. She was born back in 1983 by an inspiration given to me by the anime Magical Angel Creamy Mami. I wanted to make a comic about what really happens in the showbiz and that was "LIVE! Seizei Hikari Rockstar", a 20 chapts x 20 pgs project that ended up incomplete but has the whole script written down and 12 chapts finished. Hikari is the sweetest but modern Japanese girl and since she has natural blond hair and green eyes I decided to set the story in a (very) hypothetical year 2250. It's the story of her career with the S.H.B. (Seizei Hikari Band) from their first small regional tours to the worldwide ones, with all the sex & drugs issues and problems people really have to deal with in the showbiz, since we usually tend to forget or maybe are not aware that that world is not all-gold-and-diamonds or cherry pie. (?)

Psycho For Your Love

"Psycho For Your Love" is a glorious rock track by the Meteors, mentors of Psychobilly, a "punky" degeneration of our good old Rockabilly born (I guess) in England in the early '80s. Guess what - yes indeed I had this hairstyle too! It was 4-5 years ago by now (ah, good old days!). The girl drawn in the picture is a living mythos of what used to be the most loved and most hated (especially by neighbors and police) rock club in the Padana Valley back in Italy (now -sob - shut down) She was called "The Cyclist" (because of the Adidas shirts she wore) or simplier "The Psycho(billy woman)" and she is the one that initiated me to the art of Stompin' (some kind of non-jumpin' pogo), dancing to the beat of slaps, pows, whacks and smacks, given and taken...ah, the good old times! Do you still remember, Daniela?

Ozora Kun

"There you go, Ataru Moroboshi from Uruseiyatsura!". Yes, you are right it does look like him, but the problem is that...this is a GIRL! Tatsuya Ozora has also a man's name and she's always been fooled by her classmates because of it to the extent that after the elementary school she started dressing like a boy and also talking like one, even though she was a totally normal girl.

(Well if you were a girl but you had Ataru's face you wouldn't feel very comfortable, would you?) she was very insecure about herself and her looks, she thought she was ugly and she didn't like to talk or have people around. Until high school, when she met the happy-go-lucky super-cutie of the class Akemi Akita. Aki-chan is so nice, beautiful and full of life that Tacchan (called Ozora-kun by anybody else) can't help admiring and envying her and ends up becoming her best friend. Then things get really going when Aki-chan's boyfriend introduces his friend Hikaru Okita, promising star of motorcycle-racing and ultra-shy to the boy-hater Tatsuya: "Hm...he's not as stupid as all the others after all.".

Genei Jo - (The Shadow/Phantom Woman)

International spy, killer, thief and swindler multi-experienced crime professional. She came to life because I felt the need to find Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack a girlfriend (?!) then she bounced to and from any corner of my teenage magic comic world taking part to many stories mostly as cameo. She appears in LIVE! also and inspires Hikari to write a song. Of course I wrote all the song words in the comic (Hikari's and others') also (excluding real artist's ones of course!). But almost none of my comics have ever been finished therefore none ever got published either!

Glabra Symposium

This was a very very experimental attempt to make a "cool" SF comic like the Great Omnipotent Master of All the Comic Gods, the French Moebius. I've always been and forever will be deeply in love with Jerry Cornelius' Hermetic Garage renown also as The Fatal Major, marvelous and totally incomprehensible hyperspace tale so I decided to try to create something science-surrealistic myself, but I just started inventing a totally different Universe with totally different standards and relative concepts for time and space and I got totally lost in it! Dumb is as dumb does.