The M.A.D. Japanese-English-Italian Translator Web Designer Cyber Reporter Girl

Welcome to my house. Why house and not home? I just wanted to be different. But if you like house music you may take it as an act of empathy towards crazy people and crazy music.

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It comes from one of my pen-names "Madoka" a character from one of the comics I translate. But it reflects also a lot of my character. And anything cute that may come to your mind (MADonna, Motorcycles And Database, Manga Anime Dept., Miao And Draw, etc.!).

M.A.D. D.A.T.A.

I'm an Ex-Web Designer (this site is all blood and sweat of my own :) , a CyberReporter for Japanese magazines (Wired, Yahoo! Internet Guide, Cybiz) and a Japanese-English-Italian translator.
Here is my resume.
Born in Bologna, Italy on 11/14. Cyberwandered for about 4 years between there, Venice, CA (Los Angeles) and Tokyo then was steady in London town (England) for a while. Who knows where she is now! (^^) Click here for my astrology data.
Major activity:
Translating Japanese comics (manga) in Italian and write articles/interviews /reviews on the same topic.
motorcycle riding, roller skating, drawing, cyber-geeking, writing and more (?)
none. A Kawasaki ZXR400 in England and a Kawasaki Ninja 250 in Los Angeles.
Mac (what else!) PowerBook G3 333MHz/2G/96M, 56k int.modem, System 8.1, Japanese Language Kit, Dodgy Agfa scanner [it works!], Zip drive, HP DeskWriter 320, teletransport (optional).
make money as free lancer, travel a lot and write book/novels.
Favorite music:
'50s R'n'R and swing expecially. Soul, punk, psychobilly, classic...I love most music. And I dance techno and Drum'n'Bass too.