From: Michael McShane <>
Subject: Shinjuku Nights
To: (simona)
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 95 17:27:07 JST
Mailer: Elm [revision: 70.85]

From my Diary:

Shinjuku Nights

Spent a fine night last Friday
just a people watching.

Meet my KY hillbilly friends in busy
Shinjuku, and we went to basement
of Isetan and got a bento. I went
deluxe. There is area where you can chose
jillions of ingredients and create
your own bento, then they weigh it.
360 yen/100g. Mine cost about $17.

And we got two bottles of sake
and went across from the big screen
at Studio Alta and just sat among
the homeless and blood purifiers
and just watched people and tried
to figure out what they are doing.

Once again, the young women are
putting on the national uniform
of winter: miniskirts and black boots.
Don't seem like common sense
to wear such skimpy clothes
in the winter!!
And most seem to have a cellular
phone glued to their ear.
Anybody have any idea who everyone
is talking to.

And we got our blood and spirit
purified about 10 times. Can't
remember the name of the religious
group that does this, but they hold
their hand about six inches from your
bowed head for about a minute,
and then you say something like
"Arigato Meishusama" 3 times
and your blood and spirit is
purified. Turns out meishusama
is Kwanon, the goddess of mercy.
I pumped them for info about
their religion and it seems
it is a mixture of Shinto
and Buddhism. And they have
a big fancy temple designed
by IM Pei down is Shiga prefecture.
They assured me that they were
not a brainwashing cult like
Aum, Toitsu (moonies) Kyokai, or Sokkai
(namyo ren give me some money or a car) Gakkai.
But they seemed pretty flaky to me.

Homeless here never ask for money,
are always reading.

At first, everyone that walked by
seemed sober, but after about
4 hours of hanging out, everyone
seemed to stagger by in a stupor,
and little ramen and other food and drinking
stands popped up out of nowhere,
and our area turned into a sidewalk

At about 11 pm, we walked down
the street to the hectic Kabukicho
area and went into the world's largest
and most chrome gorgeous Mr. Donut,
which also serves Chinese food to finish
off a pure and simple evening.
Was so enjoyable that we might
do it again this Friday night if
the weather is good.


Mr. Huggsie