Tokyo Parasite Museum

well, these are 2 hell of parasites!
I discovered the Parasite Museum soon after I arrived nearly yenless in Tokyo about 10 years ago after a year of Asia Travel.
Was at a party and had just meet a fine upstanding well-heeled filly from an old, venerable Tokyo family, and asked her for a date, and was flabbergasted when she accepted.
Flipping out about where I should take her, since I had no money to spare on such a frivolous endeavor as a date, so I started thumbing through the Tokyo Journal saw "Parasite Museum (Free)", and my fate was sealed.
So, we meet the next day at
Meguro Station, and started
walking to the museum.

As you enter it, there is a fine
speciman tacked in a picture frame
in serpentine fashion.  It's a
10 meter (30 feet) long tapeworm
taken outta a poor fool from Yokohama.
(And I started thinking about whether
I should be scarfing sushi like a

This museum was started by the
four Japanese University professors
who were parasite specialists and
over the years had collected jillions
of parasites, and felt that these
treasures should be shared with
the public at large!! Thank you so much!!

There are all kinds of parasites
on exhibit here and for some of
them, they have accompanying pictures
of the ones that have adverse side-effects
on their host.

For example, there is one that gets
in men's testicles and causes them
to inflate to a huge size. There
is a picture of some poor sucker whose
jewels have become so large that
he has to use a wheel barrel to
haul them around.  I swear it!!

And to add to our viewing pleasure
these fine folks also have included
exhibits of other pests, such
as mosquitos and cockroaches.

After an hour or so of feasting
our eyes, we went across the
street for a nice bowl of ramen
noodles (there is a ramen museum
in Yokohama, by the way).

That sweet fine filly had
a glazed look in her eye
and was mostly silent during 
the meal, so I was assuming
this was not the most romantic
first date of all time, and
most likely our last.

But lo and behold, she called
me up the next day, and asked
me to come see her band play at a live club.
She was a student at Keio
University, which is one
of Japan's best, and played
bass in an all girl rock&roll band.

And we continued to have a great
dating life for the next 3 years,
but unfortunately, I went into
a sowing my wild oats stage
(now I have advanced to wild rice,
before attempting the final ascent 
to the highest level-wild goobers), so we
drifted apart.


Mr. Huggsie
-- * This is Michael McShane (nickname: Huggs) in Tokyo. Thank you. * From Kentucky, Oregon, New Mexico. Often visits WV and Hawaii. * Lifestyle: walks a tight rope between ecstasy and despair. * Other Nicknames: Shogun of Fun, Party Word Made Flesh, Face, Brain, Snow-white Heifer with Gilded Horns, Hatchet-head * Loves to: sit on porch, drink lube units, eat fried okry, and yell, "Come help us drink this kaaaaaaaag"!!