From: Michael McShane <>
Subject: Jazz, Octopus Balls, and Stew
To: (simona)
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 96 18:23:55 JST

Jazz, Octopus Balls, and Stew

Finally was gonna meet the mysterious MAD Web mistress, Simona, who suddenly created this Web page on-the-fly without my permission, and describes herself as "Demi Moore without tits". So, I guess that makes Mr. Huggsie, a virtual "Bruce Willis with brains". Yuck yuk. The filly is a mixture of Italy, Japan, and LA. Kinda like someone wearing an Armani suit, eating ramen from hell while reading manga, and superficially saying in Hollywood agent voice, "Hey Babe Let's Keep in Touch." Haw haw. Italian Web page designer. Mr. Huggsie, he gonna be a supermodel. :-) Of course, the goal was to spend the evening in Shinjuku with digital camera to document the Shinjuku Nights stories. >From my workplace in Hachioji to Shinjuku takes about an hour on the Chuo line, and was feeling kinda somber after reading story about all the suicides on the Chuo line in 1995. Suspect half of them were real estate related. 26 people jumped in front of the Chuo Line in 95. A strange terrorism in a way. Only person killed is the jumper, but it tortures jillions of salarymen by making us late for work. Takes about an hour for trains to get back to normal again, and the platforms get jam packed and hellish. And supposedly the family of jumper has to pay the JR train company some huge sum of money based on who knows what. Met S, and had a bunch of hoots walking around and taking photos of Studio Alta screen, gorgeous Mr. Donut, bentos and onigiri, beer machines, frentic red light action and sleaze shops, Tengu, dragons, conveyor belt sushi, king kongs, plastic food displays, and much more. When the camera was just about used up, we serendipitously chanced upon restaurant that advertised: "Jazz, Takoyaki, and Stew" Takoyaki is like octopus fritter balls. What a combination!!!!! Only in Japan!! Went in, ate Kobe style, cheese, and mountain potato takoyaki (20 total), scarfed some stew, listened to jazz. The cooks and waiters were real friendly and turned us on to fome fun hilarious talking. Were all handsome, cool young guys, and S was looking at them and licking her chops like they were fresh veal cutlets or something. But the woman is all talk and no action. She'll talk up a storm about the young, studly, rugby-looking thangs she's gonna jump all over, but never does, and always goes home to that LA BF of hers, who is the fine owner of this Web site. Mr. Huggsie, not in the house!! "Going where the weather suits my clothes" and hopefully the water will taste like cherry wine too!! Yep, heading to the "Land of the Flea, and Home of the Plague" So, if ya got anything bad to say about the Huggsmeister, say it whilst he's gone, then take two aspirin and do your goober penance. :-). How low can ya go? Can't fall off the floor that's for sure. "When an elephant is in trouble, even a frog will kick him." ....but that frog better not be around when the elephant is back to form. But when the elephants dance they step on the pissants!!! Incidentally, are you aware that the average person, in their lifetime, produces 10,000+ gallons of saliva...... enough to fill a swimming pool? Shall we go for a swim? Thanks Frank!